The Devil's Middle Child

The Devil's Middle Child

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: A while back, @JūS dropped this awesome slide guitar track in the Slack chat, and we haven't seen him since. But it's been taunting me, so here we are. <3


The devil’s middle child
Calls breathlessly to me
Through my open window
On the hidden winds of sin

The curtains butterfly
And I know he is near
Bubblin’ in the shadows
Callin’ me
Callin’ me deep within

There’s no use in resisting
He melts me like the stars
He licks his silky lips
Licks his silky lips
Devours my open eyes

The devil’s middle child
Calls breathlessly to me
I give myself willingly
To be baptized
To be baptized in his lie

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I love this. I was not expecting such fantastic rock n' roll lyrics when I sat down to play with a new slide. I honestly hit record and just had fun.

You can't imagine how fun it is and how giddy it makes me feel to have this boomerang back, weeks later. I love it!

"Devours my open eyes," ugh! So cool! I love rock n' roll and blues songs like this about he devil. So fitting.

GREAT JOB Smile Smile

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This morning I went for a sunrise walk in a lakefront park, while listening to the Rolling Stone podcast interview with Melissa Ethridge. Once home in my office, I listened to this. My brain was still in Melissa Ethridge land, so this song slid right in and fit. This is an astounding collab. Amazing classic old-blues lyrics with a ethereal, flawless, timeless slide guitar setting. And your vocals are so very sultry, yet slightly menacing, Amanda.

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That guitar panning is messing with my mind in the headphones.
Great playing.
The vox fit right in there perfectly; you nailed it, Adnama.
Really interesting lyrics for sure; lots of great imagery here.
Excellent work.

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slide is terrific, like the stones doing robert johnson. yrics and melody also have a stones feel, in the wild horses vein. vocals though are soft and little bit imperiled..far from the swagger of the stones.

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Dark and sultry lyric befitting the slidey music. Great collab work!

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Nice slide work! that a dobro? who cares! great stuff......It's one of those things I've heard too much of to hate hearing myself play "clean" I'll inner-critic nitpick every little imperfection to death, but it still melts me away to hear others do it. I think a pedal is about the only thing I'm still fine playing without at least a little fuzziness, but I think that's more because I'll probably never play a "note"

amazing lyric and really sultry and seductive vocal performance on this too that is an excellent fit! Amazing collab! Devils middle child devouring your open eyes is superb! bubbling in the shadows too! oh that' creepy! great stuff!

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Man, that slide guitar is good. Your dark lyrics and smoky, unhurried delivery suits the track so well. Great imagery all around, but I really love that third verse!

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When I hear gritty, dirty slide guitar like that, I always think of the devil. So this works perfectly. Great performances from both of you!

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Gritty guitar, a falling willingly seduced singer, definitely caught in the dark side! excellent. (As a song! I leave aside all moral comment!!)