A Million Little Ways

A Million Little Ways

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A Million Little Ways

Liner Notes: 

Went to bed last night wanting to write a sad song. Woke up this morning wanting to write a different song. You can imagine this being about whoever you like. If you listen close you can hear my cat Ichabod Crane joining in downstairs. Catharsis.


You're a bloated tick and a Dino turd
A bloviating ass slow so absurd
A neurotoxin in a human suit
A spineless political prostitute

A crusty twat faced fuck nugget
A half baked doughy spunk trumpet
A mumpsimus Maximus cheese brained shit
A lick spittle punk and proud of it

There's a million little ways to say "I hate you..."

Pugnacious pimple. Putz, pill, prick
Stomping around with your tiny stick
Prancing pissant, preening prat
Double dealing two faced twat

A fustilarian. A great disgrace
As refreshing as a breath of mace
A lack brained lawless liliput
A leather faced lout of low repute

There's a million little ways to say "I hate you..."

A parasitic worm from a dead dog's butt
A fopdoodle mumble crust fucking nut
You're a shit gibbon and a canker sore
A letcherous coistrel to the core

I found your equal on the sole of my shoe
Scraped it off and flushed it down the loo
You can call me names you noxious rat
But you look like something a Sasquatch shat

There's a million little ways to say "I hate you..."

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Haha Lovely words! Funny and punchy - I certainly aint got the balls to do a track like this. But it will stirr around now and probably form a version of my own, that comes from my own interpretation of the idea. It's getting colder in the depths of the corner of YouTube I reside in... Good track and nice to see you around again! Smile

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Go Kat! Go Ichabod! Van and I were joining in from over here. Hate is rarely this witty and charming. Well done!

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So many excellent insults here. I had to look up fustilarian - it's a good one to know. Your uke playing is really good to listen to, light and rhythmical.

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This song has single handedly revived the Shakespearean and Victorian traditions of beautiful, convoluted insults. And ukulele was the perfect accompaniment.

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Foul, juvenile (or Juvenallian) and absolutely brilliant. Cheerful and erudite vitriol may be the best response to the overweening crassness and hypocrisy of the current season. Loved this

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Oh yeah, this is fabulous.
You can make anything sound happy with a ukulele, right?
Your smile is the icing on the lyrical cake here.
I might like to cover this tune during Rocktober (with your permission, of course!).

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Well, it's always good to learn swearwords in a foreign language (for me).

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I love it!!!! love all the creative language, and you did a great job! i've been writing a number of political songs recently, and its a great catharsis sometimes. you found a 'million ways' to do this well -- and the uke is perfect for this, somehow!