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Liner Notes: 

Here's my song about games.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

Other than the punch on the shoulder
We were to afraid to show
How much we liked one another
Did we both even want to know?

Other than embarrassed smiles
And giggles from all my friends
We were too shy to say
I wanna hold you hand

Pre chorus
We got invited to that birthday party
And there were games to play

We played Twister
My foot touched yours
Then my dumb sister
Pushed me down on all fours
My heart was racing
And I knew there was no cure
When we played Twister...Twister

After that birthday party
Our shyness got a lot better
But every time I see you
My face gets even redder

I have the worst crush
I keep getting butterflies
You make me feel giddy
When I look into your eyes

Repeat chorus

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