Plants Fight Back, Pt. 2

Plants Fight Back, Pt. 2

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Liner Notes: 

I felt we needed closure but, alas, the sequel is rarely as good as the original.

The melody for the Plant Anthem was derived from Fibonacci numbers, an important sequence relating to growth in the natural world and "beauty." If you take the remainder of any of those numbers after dividing by 7 (modulus), you get a repeating sequence of 16 numbers. I applied those 16 to the 7 notes of the major scale.

Featuring audio from the original War of the Worlds.

Collaborations welcome if anyone wants to add to the lyrics/vocals in the later parts; possibly lyrics for the Plant Anthem.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Wow. You have nailed the sounds of 60s surf-space rock. For some reason while listening the image of Annette Funicello in a bikini and a space helmet popped into my visual imagination and for that I have you to thank.

I'm too mentally lazy to understand the technical stuff you explained about the major scale. But my ears are at attention at this jammin' track.
Whatever it is you've done with the notes, it creates a hectic but contained feel that goes nicely with the drums and bass. The mix is awesome, too. I love the panned organs, and where the guitars are. Speaking of GOODtars, the stuff starting at 2:28 with the chord hits and then the little melodic solo...that's such an excellent feel/atmosphere. Really dig that part.
I also like the War of the Worlds sample, fitting.

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Um, yes. Love that you've used the Fibonacci sequence as inspiration. Lots of fabulous, campy sci-fi terror going on. I'm watching the movie in my mind and it's pretty great (definitely rooting for the plants).

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Hey, a collab with Orson Welles!
A perfect musical accompaniment to the spoken word bits.
Oh yeah, then the alien surf music kicks in!
This is so fabulous!
I'm imagining a spoken word monologue during the end part by a vegetarian telling the story of being attacked by a salad.
Excellent work here!

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I really like the melodic hook that opens this! Surprises me how organic this all sounds given the prompts involved. Makes me want to put out leaves and shoots.

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This was just all sorts of sci-fi math nerd rocky madness that I adore!
excellent track all around!

I think Fuzzy is onto something if this needs anything else hahah

Smartypants a local band around here 90s early 00's they're all old and mostly moved on by now, get together every now and again for some stuff......their studio albums were really nothing to write home about they fell into that old trap of thinking other people knew what the hell they were talking about hahah...........but this would of been right up their alley Smile If you ever get bored you might dig them.

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I'm for the plants, myself. Fibonacci...well, maths, music. I'm reminded of the clever twist in the Dirk Gently stories, and how Bach ended up with an output impossible for a single human!

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Cracking bit of mathmusical experimentation here. I love that ominous descending guitar melody, and then it all goes Surf Madness. Terrific choice of the (farsifa?) organ in there. Madcap but perfect.