Blues Washout

Blues Washout

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Liner Notes: 

@cindyrella wrote some very good blues lyrics. Here is my take on them.


Blues Washout
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I'm goin' mad
Out lookin' for my baby
I am so sad
It's drivin' me crazy

I'm insane
Can't go on
There ain't no way
Cause she's gone

I'm poundin' on my piano keys
My hearts bleedin' out
Don't have no happy tunes left
I'm in a washout
I'm in a blues washout

I'm sick
Can't get up
I'm thick
I'm a sorry pup

I'm lonely
No sunshine
She's my only
Sweet divine

Repeat chorus

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You nailed it! Classic piano blues with fabulous vocals. Love it!

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Yup good blues lyrics! You are on a blues roll Roddy, nice collab.

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this sounds like the kind of thing tom waits was doing im the seventies...and classc forms like this never get old, you bring your own freshness to it.

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Really wonderful collaboration! Love that bluesy piano and soulful singing. Perfect bluesy lyrics. A winning combination that is a pleasure to listen to!