A Day In Lieu

A Day In Lieu

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Liner Notes: 

Because life is hard. An anthem for 2020.

12-string guitar, vocals: metalfoot
brilliantly insightful lyrics: wordsmith




The wings of freedom burst from in between my blades of shoulder
My feet end in the rootlets of responsibility
And it's not so surprising that I find as I get older
There's quite a bit of tension in between points A and B

And it might weigh me down or make me face the day with lightness
Cry bitter tears in private or throw back my head and laugh
Approach my breaking point or make a harmony from tightness
Stretch like a Stradivarius or snap myself in half

And though it's over nothing, it's not hard to get obsessive
And send myself to hell with one handwritten note of thanks
And not a single workplace, not the very most progressive
Will let you take a day in lieu for existential angst

I'm standing on a clifftop fairly nibbled with erosion
The sea's a long way down there and it's full of hammerheads
I cannot bring myself to leap off from the life I've chosen
But if I stay my hand, I'll simply slip away instead


And it's not fear that keeps me here, the scarecrow without stuffing
For there's no object serving as my object of despair
I cannot turn my tail and flee, for I can't run from nothing
And cannot fight to death a foe that simply isn't there

No advocate have I to stand and speak words for my actions
No vicious mole of nature for my orders to atone
I've nothing but myself to edge through life by smallest fractions
The choice, the call, the consequence, are mine and mine alone


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This New Zanada is certainly a complex location. The edginess in the melody and guitar capture the weight of my perception of 2020 conveyed in the lyrics.

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Excellent lyric and i really like akexs matter of fact delivery! Nice one

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Stretch like a Stradivarius or snap myself in half,,,just one of many fantastic lines that metalfoot delivers so well. the music is perfect with its har rhythms and minimalist melody carryng the long and complicated lyrical phrases.

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I love the university level vocabulary sung so freely in a bluesy rock setting. Well done.

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Really, really interest lyrics and you've done a great job putting this together. I'm trying to think what singer you are reminding me of and can't--but I'm sure it was a good one!

Nice work!

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Loved these lyrics when they were first posted. This acoustic rock treatment works well--moves along at an even clip with a sense of urgency (and maybe a touch of anxiety), and that drawn out "angst" is a great touch!

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Yes. This is the treatment the lyric was seeking. I'm seeing a troubadour on a soapbox on a university common, belting out three chords* and the truth at a level palatable to people who at least pretend to read books on Sartre. It's odd that I consider this one of the most raw and personal things I've written, but the stripped-down delivery shows just what a pile-up of rhetorical devices it is (and the comments seem to have acknowledged this). I agree with Jerry's assessment that the style feels familiar, but isn't really reminiscent of anyone specifically. This is probably high praise.

*This may not be accurate as I truly know bugger all about music theory.

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Sounds a lot like a 60s folk/rock song! I like the chord progression and the impassioned vocals. The lyrics are better than excellent - "and cannot fight to death a foe that simply isn't there" my favorite, although it's all a thousand miles above typical rock lyrics. Good collab!