Oh Carbon

Oh Carbon

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Liner Notes: 

Another Wordsmith-Metalfoot collabostravaganzatastic song. Has its roots partly in the FAWM / 5090 Slack chatroom.

music, a few words, mandolin, pseudo-bass: metalfoot
words, brilliance, insight: wordsmith


A thousand tons
Of diamonds
On Jupiter
And Saturn

A fortune
Falling from the sky
Just slightly
Out of reach

While close to home
A tragedy
And shifty weather patterns

Send fragments of the Challenger
To wash up on the beach

oh carbon

A thousand tons
Of coal burns
In Canada

A sooty
Falling from the sky
Just slightly
Too close now

While far from home
The tragedy
Of shifty weather patterns

Send acid rain and carbon chains
To wash up in the lakes

oh carbon

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A very pretty song. You can write anything and so well!

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There's something hypnotic about this one. I love how you capture the double edged sword in this.

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I love these clever lyrics, and the simple mandolin and bass combination is great accompaniment!

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That Bass is so compelling and omnipresent. To my knowledge you don't own a bass. Are you pitch shifting a guitar? I'm amazed you haven't written a song about carbon yet, 2 years into the periodic table.
The images you chose are perfect. I love the romance of diamond rain, but the terrible reality would not be the same.

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Something about the mandolin and the lyrics, precise in their weirdness, reminds me very strongly of REM circa 1991. It sounds like a track that was recorded for Green but has been lost these last 30 years. I'm a big fan of that album, and a big fan of the song.

There's a good synergy between the parts that I wrote and the parts that I didn't - a very discerning mind is behind this!

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This is one I heard, just didn't comment as I hate my phone......... I had waited in anticipation for the carbon, not let down in the least! great stuff all around haha pseudo-bass Biggrin