Biting the furniture

Biting the furniture

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Liner Notes: 

I bought a super-cheap Harley Benton bass after reading loads of rave reviews about it. And it's every bit as awesome as the reviews said it would be.

Of all the reviews I came across, one in particular stood out - because I thought the reviewer was more about selling him than reviewing the bass. One of his comments was that this bass was no good for slap.

So this track is the Harley Benton PB-50SB (105GBP delivered from Germany to UK) having the bejaysus slapped out of it.

Link to the model of bass here:

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If only the Harley Bentons were available this side of the pond... shipping is almost as much as the bass! (Your song intrigued me so much I went and looked it up...)

Great bass sound and tone and an enjoyable song.

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Damn Paul, that is some awesome bass playing! I usually think of bass as foundational, background-ish but I'd want you out front with these mad bass skillz! I enjoyed this immensely! And that "super-cheap Harley Benton" sounds amaze-balls! I think it is a perfect example of the state of the art with instrument production these days. When we were kids you could choose a professional (read expensive) instrument or a piece of crap marketed as a Christmas present for kids. Not much in the middle. But today you can get some pretty damn fine instruments for a small pricetag! I bought a 3/4 sized classical guitar in Serbia and was blown away at how cheap it was and how nice it sounded! Great work on this song and on showing off your new bass!

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That is a beautiful sound and some very fluid playing. I'm super intrigued to try this instrument too.

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Yessss. Excellent playing, love having that bass front and center. Sounds great, though with your skill you'd probably be able to play an instrument made out of cardboard and still have something good come out.