My Heart’s In the Right Place

My Heart’s In the Right Place

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Liner Notes: 

When I read Kristi's lyrics I needed to compose music to them, they were so moving and loving. I was very happy Kristi kindly agreed to collaborate with me. I composed music and recorded my rough vocal guide. We asked Justing whether he would be happy to sing our song and we were delighted he kindly agreed. Here is our collaboration. Thank you Kristi for your beautiful, moving and loving lyrics and thank you Justin for your beautiful, stunning vocals filled with true emotion and beautiful tembre of your gorgeous voice. Thank you to everyone for listening and sharing your thoughts.

My Heart’s In the Right Place ©2020 Kristi McKeever (lyrics) and Nadia Cripps (music).Vocals: jeustan/Justin Reed, Piano: Nadia Cripps.
Demo: Nadia Cripps and jeustan.


My Heart’s In the Right Place

Better songs have been written
More instruments have been played
All more clever than I can be
As I send some love your way

A better singer tells a story
That lifts you up with their sweet voice
I’ve got an old piano
And I don’t make too much fuss

But my heart’s in the right place
Here with you
My heart’s in the right place
With all that I do
I write a few lines
In a song that rhymes
Hope you know in some small way
My heart’s in the right place

Smarter writers make you think
Pure poets with their pens
I’ll give you conversation
It’s a gift to all good friends

Duets may move you deeply
Harmonize in different keys
My voice may crack and falter
But it’s all a part of me

Oh my heart’s in the right place
Here with you
My heart’s in the right place
With all that I do
I write a few lines
In a song that rhymes
Hope you know in some small way
My heart’s in the right place

How do you say something
Like no one else before
I’ll climb a mountain of emotion
To give it something more

Repeat ch

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I so loved Kristi's lyrics and now with this awesome music and vocals-pow! Wonderful job all around! Bravo!

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Hey, great collaboration! Enjoyed it. You guys make a good team.

I like how these lyrics are sung as if having a conversation - with uncertainty in cadence and hesitation at points. The vocal delivery is perfect for the lyrics. The piano is beautiful (as always is the case with Nadia) and gives a bit of whimsical sadness to the already heart-string lyrics from Kristi. And that the music is only vocals and piano works especially well with the basis of the lyrics, and the lines (more instruments have been played...i've got an old piano).
And speaking of the lyrics - these are great. Longing to make sure someone knows your heart, what you truly feel and how much you truly feel it...even if you can't express it as well as other probably could...I like that a lot.

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Oh, I really love this melody. Beautiful and emotional. And the lyrics are really brought to life by @JūS' conversational delivery. Nice collab, all!

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Nadia & Justin...hey thanks so much for turning my lyrics into a truly heartfelt song. Nadia your piano is full of emotion as always and offers such a gentle telling of the story. Justin, your vocal delivery is honest and humble and real. It has a lovely deep, rich tone to it that complements Nadia's piano keys so nicely! Thank you both very much!! Well done!

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Kristi, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. The song was born thanks to your lyrics. You wrote very inspiring work. I fell in love with every word, the emotion in them, the loving aspect, the dedication. I love Justin's interpretation of the vocals, he created very special atmosphere and put heart into his singing. I like so much the feel of the conversation, his reaching for the one and the only yet the appeal is for everyone. I'm very happy with the way our song turned out. Thank you Kristi and Justin.

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what an amazing collaboration, I'll keep all the juvenile ménage a trois jokes to myself Smile

everything about this comes across so heartfelt and genuine, tough to do....especially if trying

Great job you three!

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Oh the simplicity of this is almost heart-rending. Kristi the lyrics are just...I'm lost for words. Nadia, one of the best I've heard from you, and Justin, brought wonderfully to life.