Learned How to Bend

Learned How to Bend

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Liner Notes: 

Not sure I can remember such a tough year, and I know I'm not alone. Many people have had it much worse than I have.


Learned How to Bend
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Slowing down seemed frustrating
Taking stock did too
But with no slowing down like we've done
Would you be the same you

Staying home seemed annoying
Hunkered down for so long
But taking time perhaps made us
Come up with a different song

There's been trials
Along with smiles
There's been angst
But also thanks
There's been grief
But it's my belief
We will get through it in the end
Because we have all learned how to bend

When we look back at this trying year
I hope we remember both the laughter and the tears

Cutting back seemed vexing
Feeling stuck with nowhere to go
But time with ourselves helped us
Discover things we needed to know

Repeat chorus

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I like this reflection on the weird year that it's been, Cindy. Nice work!

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That is a wonderful chorus and captures so well this roller coaster!

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This is a perfect snapshop of a moment... that has lasted almost a year.

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Lots of truth here, lots I can relate to personally. I've always liked the bend-but-don't-break idea - I first read about it in a Buddhist text, and you nicely modernize it.