What will Love do?

What will Love do?

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What will Love do?-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


What will Love do?
When he sees you crying
Outside alone in the cold and dark ?
He will hug you, put his arm around you
And bring you in

Because here on the inside of Love
It is warm
It is forgiving
It is giving
Of all the things you’ve lost and are losing
God did not make emotions
He made people who feel

What will Love do?
When he finds that you’ve been drinking
‘til the bottle was empty and the night passed out.
He will stay and ask you why you are hurting
And keep listening

Love will never leave you
Love will never abuse you
Love will never hurt you
Love will make you whole.

What will Love do
When he finds you are broken
and smell of disease and you are too old
He will help you up and celebrate your age
And thus starts the healing

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We forget too much, don't we? Forget the nature of love, the reason, fail to see love offering and helping. Thsi lyric makes me feel much better for the eyeopening.

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...and that setting is lovely, just right, the mix of melancholy and hope. Leaving the piano as a gentle background support is just right too!.