#50 A Poem-a-Day

#50 A Poem-a-Day

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Liner Notes: 

When I wrote this poem, it was early. I was tired. I wasn't in a great mood. This is what came out. This one's a hoot.

I'd been trying to write another poem. It just wasn't working. As soon as I finished this one, the other one started coming out. See #51.


A Poem-a-Day September 13, 2020 #50
Elizabeth Singleton

While looking up poetry forms, I found
Of American Poets, The Academy.
I signed up for their poem-a-day
But it was not my cup of poetry tea.

I wanted to read something simple,
Something short and sweet.
My attention span’s not so great these days.
Just give me four iambic feet.

Today’s the third day of poem-a-day.
The poem, heavy and dense, was writ,
Too hard for me to decipher,
Too long and too short of wit.

This morn I decided to cut the cord,
Those words to forever delete.
I punched Unsubscribe and Other checked,
And below, the reason they received.

“I’m getting too much email.
Covid is raging wild.
These poems aren’t what I want to read.
Signed, a woman, self-exiled.”

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Yes, there's a wild diversity of what passes for poetry these days, with varying success...

A humourous take on it!

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This is just so apt! especially "The poem, heavy and dense, was writ,/Too hard for me to decipher,/Too long and too short of wit." Thus endeth a genuine post-graduate course on verse! I like this whole lyric/poem, and I'm finding in my dotage that I'm going back again to just about everything I grew up with--lyric poetry, Chaucer onward, Chesterton, more recent. But I look at what's actually getting published and twitch. I'm all for purple prose but it doesn't turn into poetry in salami slices.