#48 Never Forget

#48 Never Forget

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Liner Notes: 

Where were you on 9/11?

The weekend after after 9/11, I was scheduled to attend a Communication Class at Landmark Education in Denver. The leader of the class had driven down from Baltimore since planes were grounded. Someone paid my toll on the Expressway. I met a woman at the class whose daughter was on Flight 93.


Never Forget September 11, 2020 #48
Elizabeth Singleton

Where were you on 9/11?
It’s a day I’ll never forget.
Listening to the towers crash to the ground
While trying to get Gracie to eat at her Vet’s.

She had been in dire straits since Sunday.
With fluids at home, I rejected the ER’s treatment.
I wanted her to see her regular Vet Monday,
But Dr. B was out of town at a veterinary event.

Dr. K, who took over Gracie’s renal case,
Gave her fluids to try to stabilize her.
She was in good care, so I went home.
The rest of that day was an ugly blur.

Tuesday at 8:00, I headed back to my Gracie.
While kneeling at her cage, no music was playing.
She didn’t want to eat, but she needed food.
I couldn’t tell what the radio was saying.

New York, something about the towers and a plane.
I kept feeding Gracie and listening,
A plane into a tower? Paper rained down?
What I heard, I was not comprehending.

Then a jet plane flew into the second tower.
Clouds of smoke and ash rose high in the sky.
A man jumped! I continued trying to get my cat to eat,
Not knowing what really happened in New York and why.

I went home and watched the towers fall
Over and over and over again.
People covered in ash, running for their lives,
They didn’t know what or who they were breathing in.

American Airlines Flight Seventy-seven
Crashed into the Pentagon’s west side.
Flight Ninety-three crashed in Shanksville, PA.
Saving the White House or Capitol, the passengers all died.

My husband was driving home from the Tetons that Tuesday.
Strange sights he saw along the way.
People waving flags and tooting horns.
He had no idea what had happened that day.

When he called home he found out it was twice as bad.
Terrorists had attacked our country.
Gracie, whose life he’d saved before,
Was slipping away degree by degree.

Wednesday she perked up when she saw him walk in.
When he got her to eat it was a great relief.
Dr. K said her renal numbers were so off the chart
That he ran the test three times in disbelief.

Amazing Grace continued to be a miracle cat.
She’d already survived a run-in with a car in ’94.
She lived seven years more with every-four-hour care.
Each 9/11, we remember the Gracie we’ll always adore.

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Yeah... I think all of us of necessary age will remember where we were! (I was living on the West Coast and woke up to the news!)