Backburner of my Brain

Backburner of my Brain

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Liner Notes: 

I took too long working on this. I just had to get it out. I like it. I'll keep working on it.


Steady falling of my footsteps. Walking in the woods yet
My thoughts are fraught with syncopated woodshedding
Inundated with vetting every turn of phrase
Getting turned around int he verbal maze
So don't be phased if I seem a little dazed
It's just the back burner of my brain

On the back burner of my brain like a runaway train
Driving me insane with the restless refrain (on the backburner of my brain)
Like a runaway train. On the back burner of my brain
On the back burner of my brain like a runaway train
Driving me insane with the restless refrain (on the back burner of my brain)
Like a runaway train. Over and over again,

Adding spice like rhetorical devices
Roll the dice with my literary vices
Mix n match allegory at a fraction of the price
Hunky dory in my mental paradise
I can't restrain the chaotic hurricane
That is the back burner of my brain

Nonsense like a mixed up nursery rhyme
Like the book work with the early bird I'm biding time
Like the cat got the canary in the coal mine
Mixing metaphors like parsley sage rosemary and I'm
Subverting expectations and reciting revelations
Building on my aspirations with the muse's inspiration

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Catchy groove you've got going here; fun and insightful lyrics. On the 'mild critique' front the vocal sounded maybe a little sharp on the chorus to my ears (if that's something maybe you want to double-check as you work on this further). I really enjoyed the track a lot!

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crazy, catchy, and convoluted..a smorgasboard of rhymes and word play that defy expectation, with lines that rise, curve, and fall just like that brain train. i can identfy with cartying that backburner spitting refrains at me until i succumb and write a song. catchy bass line you are working off of.

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Cool title. Interesting bass sound, seems like it has a fair amount of higher frequencies? I love the rapid melodic flow and the echoing is really cool. And the contrast between that and the clean piano/bass/drums is pretty cool stuff.

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That simple groove is immediately compelling, and I love the simplicity of the keyboard lines. You're really spitting out some cool rhymes here. So many good lines: mix n match allegory, mixing metaphors like..., etc. Anyway, ya got some cool stuff going on here. It sort of shows the power of 'pop' music: you take some really simple elements, mix them up just right, and magic ensues

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Yup this works well. Closest thing i have heard to young marble giants, partially vocally but also the slightly minimalistic music. This is a really good song! I will listen to this again!

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This has a cool vibe to it. The chorus is a nice release from all that the verses contain. Not only with words, but concepts too. Very thoughtful lines. And you deliver them with ease. The music has a catchiness to it and nice play there too with various elements. Good work!

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That is a pretty catchy musical motif. (I remember something similar from a sequencer on an old commodore 64). Very cool chorus, nice use of echo. Nice electronic sounds. Cool!

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wow that groove caught me from the very start. the vocals are great as are the lyrics, both the concept and wordplay. i love it! can relate 100% i often say put it on the back boiler to simmer in writing a song. top top write!