#46 Nine Limericks

#46 Nine Limericks

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Liner Notes: 

This is a limerick storm.
In the pre-Covid times, I was outside all the time. Now I'm mostly inside thinking about the virus, deaths, Trump's lack of leadership in dealing with the virus, the election, and the future of the country. That's what I write about, along with my cats, the weather, the backyard and outings. There was so much more variety last year. Kids can't even play with their friends.


Nine Limericks September 10, 2020 #46
Elizabeth Singleton

Treasonous, traitorous Trump
Dereliction of duty came today in a lump.
Woodward was afforded,
And on the record recorded,
Your eighteen interviews. In his book, now they’re clumped.

Trump went through the ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’ fall-out.
Will any voters remember what that’s all about?
By the people, the military’s revered,
But Trump has, at them, sneered.
This is our 4th-year presidential leadership drought.

In early February, he knew about Covid-nineteen…
Deadly, airborne, killer mean.
He’s been lying,
We’ve been dying.
Remember our lost souls at the voting machine.

I wonder if Trump has ADHD.
He flits from subject to subject like a flea.
He makes little sense.
Down Alice’s rabbit hole he went.
Perhaps he needs psychiatry.

Generals say he’s dangerous and unfit
No moral compass and definitely no wit.
A disturbed mind
To reason, blind.
His sole purpose, reelected, he must ‘git.’

Trump freaks if he’s been humiliated.
He lashes out until he’s rehabilitated.
No one can know
He’s really a fake show.
So he bullies and blusters unabated.

Trump hates Barack Obama,
Because he’s black, smart, a loved persona.
Trump has tried to destroy
Every trace of that ‘boy.’
Send racist Trump racing back to Mar-A-Laga.

To Trump, nothing human matters.
A transactional man, he’s a true tit-for-tatter.
When he wins this next race
With the help of his [Russian, Iranian, Chinese] base,
He’ll be a dictator who jettisons the latter.

Will divide and conquer win here?
Will Trump be our Russian premier?
Will our country survive?
Will any be alive?
Will we all have to live in fear?

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