#45 A Day Like No Other

#45 A Day Like No Other

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Liner Notes: 

This was a very strange day. Imagine living 200 years ago when the sky turned orange at 1 pm. That would have been an omen of bad things to come.

I usually go to stores at senior hours early in the morning to avoid people who may have the 'bug' or refuse to wear masks. That day I wanted to stock up in case we had a lot of snow.


A Day Like No Other September 7, 2020 #45
Elizabeth Singleton

Weeks ago a cyclone
Stormed the Asian shore.
It spawned aloft a moisture cloud
That wiggled north and south as it soared.

Across the Pacific and Arctic
It slowly moved and snaked.
Headed with snow to Denver,
It will arrive September 8th.

September 7th
I woke up when my husband’s alarm went off.
I couldn’t fall back to sleep.
I got up at 6:15 when my alarm clanged
And staggered in to brush my teeth.

The sky was cloudy from the Cameron Peak fire.
Red sun and smoke in the morning.
Ten thousand more acres burned since Saturday.
An omen, uh oh, take warning.

I entered Wal-Mart at 7 to get baby food,
Teddy’s daily breakfast dessert.
Shelves had been moved, the floor replaced.
But there was none, not one. Red alert.

I got home and put away the litter I’d bought.
At 9, I headed to Natural Grocers.
I was out of everything and had to stock up.
When I left, the smoky sky looked closer.

Tonight the weather changes drastically.
From the nineties today, to tomorrow’s thirty-six.
Snow will blanket the state north to south
A global warming dirty trick.

I went out back and left bird seed for the squirrels.
Small white flakes were falling to the ground.
Too warm and too early for the snow to fall.
Ash from the fire was floating down.

I drove to the pharmacy to pick up my meds.
When I got back to my car, it was covered with ash.
I thought of Bandelier National Monument and the Valles Caldera.
And the layers of ash deposited after that blast.

With take-out from Panera, I came straight home.
By one o’clock it was so dark I turned on a light.
Outside, the saturated light was strangely grim,
Turning browns to orange, a never seen before sight.

The briefly shining sun lightened the day.
The smoke stung eyes and throats.
The wind picked up; the temperature dropped.
Snowflakes will soon be the fire’s overcoat.

September 8th
Down by our gate, black ash had swirled to a pile.
Today it’s soggy and wet.
Old man winter in white coat is saying hello,
But I’m not done with summer yet!!!

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