#42 Cheese Sandwich

#42 Cheese Sandwich

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Liner Notes: 

This is a description of a cheese sandwich my uke teacher was holding either at the beginning or end of one of his YouTube classes. He does 5 classes a day and Orchestra Monday nights. Henry is his orange tabby cat. I sent this to him with a copy of the picture. Songs usually get shorter closer to 10/1, but this year they are about to get longer.


Cheese Sandwich September 4, 2020 #42
Elizabeth Singleton

A grilled cheese sandwich on a Fiesta Ware plate
Looks so good to eat.
Too bad you can’t share it and, to everywhere, air it,
A super broadcast feat.

Melted cheddar on grilled whole grain seeded bread
Appears so yummy to your viewers.
Imagine the hunger pangs you instilled in your class.
Was Henry the first bite chewer?

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I wrote a song about tuna sandwiches once -- it's fun to write about the most mundane of things. Enjoyed the playfulness of this lyric!