#41 Contact Tracing

#41 Contact Tracing

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Liner Notes: 

This was my first day out of the house in ages. We went to the Cat Doctor, 3 bookstores, REI, and a Greek cafe for an outdoor lunch.
Limericks again. I've written about 150 since the Helsinki Summit, July, 2018.


Contact Tracing September 3, 2020 #41
Elizabeth Singleton

Wednesday was a beautiful day.
We stopped at the Cat Doctor along our way.
At B & N, I saw my friend,
But this wasn’t quite the end.
We lunched outside at Athens Café.

Off we went to the Ft. Collins R.E.I.
For a new pair of shoes to try,
And O Fit Insoles
For my old Oboz,
My first-in-months in-store buys.

I bought a poetry book at the B & N next door
Then toward home, we drove once more.
At the exit at Loveland
I said to my husband
Let’s save a trip and hit one more bookstore.

While he sat in the shade in the car
I went in to return a book on guitar.
It had been so nice
I’d bought it twice,
Then we rode home. It wasn’t far.

I’m writing this in case I get sick,
Because maybe Covid, on my face, did stick,
So someone can trace
From place to place
And get people tested really quick.

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