#39 A Terrible Day

#39 A Terrible Day

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Liner Notes: 

Moral of this story: Don't lean on the cat gate. When you're older, avoid falls.
When I wrote this, I had no idea I was writing limericks.


A Terrible Day August 31, 2020 #39
Elizabeth Singleton

Sunday was a terrible day.
While exiting the cat gate, it gave way.
Down I and it lurched
With the carpeted cat perch
In an accidental, disarrayed display.

The dry cat food atop the perch in a jar
Was launched both near and far.
On the floor, it did land.
The food alluvially fanned.
Skittering cat food alerted the cats’ radar.

I got up and checked for broken bones
Amid quiet moans and groans.
I put the gate back in the door
While Hubby swept the floor.
Sleeplessness has made me accident prone.

Monday, after breakfast, I sit here to write.
My sciatic back feels abnormally tight.
My two replaced knees
Refuse to move with ease.
My arm’s rug burn is a red and bandaged sight.

A heating pad, Tizanidine, exercise,
And time to heal is the plan I devise.
If all else fails,
To my physical therapist, I’ll sail.
Soon the pain and inflammation will vaporize.

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