Can’t Seem To Stop Writing Songs

Can’t Seem To Stop Writing Songs

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Liner Notes: 

This is my 100th solo song in the 100 songs in 180 days challenge. While I still have 6 to go to write 50 solo songs in 50/90 I was feeling melancholic reflecting on, now for me, 6 months of stay-at-home and no end to that in sight. Although this one appears to be in the key of D I was looking for interesting sounding DADGAD chords without using the open strum Dsus4.


Can’t Seem To Stop Writing Songs
DADGAD tuning guitar chords: Dadd11(D13) - x54ooo; A13(A7) - xo2o2o; D6(E2/D) - ooo45o; Dsus4add13/F(G6) - 32oooo;

Verse 1 {verses alternating [Dadd11(D13)] and [A13(A7)] }
Song a week gets me through the darkest times
May seem like a lot of words, a lot of different rhymes

[D6(E2/D)] Still I carry on and on
[Dsus4add13/F (G6)] Can’t seem to stop writing songs

Verse 2
14 songs in FAWM, February it’s cold the days are short
Reminds I’m getting older, worn off new years fresh start
Songwriting games galore, an overwhelming forum


Verse 3
50 songs in 90 days of summer
Long hot humid days air conditioning shut-in
I’m sweating as I write this
Sitting outside on the patio 90 degrees


Verse 4
100 songs in 180 days seemed like a good idea back then
Lets all write in lockdown, wound up just an empty group at the end
200 songs in a year we’ll see, where I end up is hard to say

Refrain (repeat and fade)

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Wow, 100 songs is some prolific writing, congrats! I like the back-and-forth between spoken word and sung lines. This is a good mini biographical sketch of a part of your writing experience.

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That sure is a lot of songs.
Great meta look at this whole thing.
I'm liking the spoken word delivery here.
This whole thing seems a bit melancholy to me.
Like one of those Victorian explorers who experience hardships but have an overwhelming drive to carry on and see what happens next.
Nice work here.