#36 Late Night Nonsense Poem

#36 Late Night Nonsense Poem

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Liner Notes: 

I was about to go to bed when the first 3 verses popped into my head. I wrote them down, and the next morning added 3 more. It's another Covid-19 debris poem.


Late-Night Nonsense Poem August 27, 2020 #36
all rhyme, no reason Elizabeth Singleton

The Covid ‘bug” is the ugly thug
That makes Covid humans ‘destrugt.’

The Covid bird poops a Covid herd
Of its flying aerosolized Covid turds.

The Covid cow just says, “WOW,”
And spews the Covid ‘bug’ at the turdy bird.

The Covid goat starts to gloat,
But gets a raspy Covid sore throat.

The Covid bee is happy and free
Until he dies stinging a Covid infectee.

The Covid llama says, “Too much drama,”
And walks away to the Atacama.

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