Satsumas Sleeping

Satsumas Sleeping

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Liner Notes: 

Last night I was awake until the small hours playing with Newfangled Audio's "Pendulate" mono synth, which uses an oscillator that's modelled on the chaotic behaviour of two linked pendulums. You can get yourself a copy here:

The bass patches are fantastic, so I had to write something to show them off.


Are you awake?

Or are you asleep?

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The second half is my favorite part. It reminds me a lot of Cloudpunk, a video game set in a cyberpunk universe where you deliver packages around a city.
The second half gives me the same feeling I have when I play this game.

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Oh, this is neat! Very atmospheric and surreal, definitely feels like I'm in a strange dream. Great work!

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Out of this world sounds that leave a lot to the imagination. I like it.

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Really intriguing sounds, and of course you make the most of them, building tension and adding a cinematic touch. Some parts gloriously soar, others shine. I enjoy a lot what you did here.

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I closed my eyes as I listened, and had quite the hypnagogic experience. Spooky and beautiful sounds.