#35 RNC Convention Limericks

#35 RNC Convention Limericks

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Liner Notes: 

I didn't watch the entire convention. Too much yelling, lying. No care for people dying. The president is not supposed to use federal buildings for political purposes.


RNC Convention Limericks August 27, 2020 #35
Elizabeth Singleton

What’s going on with the Republican Convention?
It’s full of piss and vinegar and tension.
They’re blaming and inflaming.
Biden, they’re defaming.
Covid’s thousands of deaths, only Melania will mention.

The RNC Convention is Trump’s alternate reality world
Presented with hundreds of flags unfurled.
He thinks he’s being patriotic.
He’s really being despotic.
How long can he keep his fakery awhirl?

Tonight is Trump’s acceptance speech.
Doing it at the White House is an ethical breach.
Two thousand people elbow to elbow.
No masks on women or fellows.
How many will take Trump’s advice to drink bleach?

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