THE SUPERIOR ME (feat. Marthie Nel)

THE SUPERIOR ME (feat. Marthie Nel)

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Liner Notes: 

A song that I posted a 2 or 3 50/90s ago but never finished. I came back to it because it is fitting with the times and my own state of being. The title of this tune was actually inspired from a story line that ran in a Spider-Man comic. The idea here is that regardless of one's many flaws there is this sense of perfection; a superiority that only that person can see. It's a strange dichotomy. I certainly wrestle with it quite often. I asked @marthienel to provide the "voice of reality". All the music and lyrics were done by me.

How I did it:
Recorded using Acid Pro 6
Mixed and mastered using Studio One 3
Bass: Schecter 4 string
Yamaha S03: various synths; slap bass
Alesis V49 MIDI controller for virtual instruments: Arabian nights (Dimension Pro synth setting)
Samples of sword dance call, Mayte, Indian vocals,
Beats by Pro Loops
Vocals: CTS and Marthie Nel


I can care where U don't as much
I am gentle where U R rough 2 the touch
I am the kiss she may wish 4 when the kisses aren't there
I am the secret with U she won't share

Here in this mind I am the superior
Here in this mind I am greater than U

I am thinking in ways U cannot
I know I am not holy but I try
I am the moral fiber that U R missing
I am your consciousness - just out of touch
I am perfection that is marred by all that I see

Here in this mind I am the superior
Here in this mind I am greater than U

In your mind's eye/ from your world view
The sum of your fears is right in front of U
Neither great or small/ never grand or tall
Never river deep/ U can't consume it all
2 the mountain top U will always climb
U will always seek/ but U will never find
U R superior/ U R in many ways
U R the never-ending/ and yet the end of days
In your mortal flesh/ bound 2 itself
Less superior than your mental health
Chain reaction
Class defiant
Hyper sensory
Glance cursory
All your history bears your glory
Never satisfied/ never satiated
It's the need 2 B/ until the day U die

Here in this mind I am the superior
Here in this mind I am greater than U

I am the funk that don't sound like nothing I hear
I am the groove that don't move 2 anything
I am the artist who can sing at least better than all
I am the superior - U just can't see it
I just don't live it but I try, I try, I try

Here in this mind I am the superior
Here in this mind I am greater than U

I am the preacher who never lifts a bible
I am the brother who only know an iota
I am the husband who needs 2 believe he's special
I am the nowhere man in a nowhere land
And no one understands just how superior I am

Here in this mind I am the superior

I'm not a god, I'm just the lesser only more superior
I'm not compensating 4 being inferior 2 everyone else in the world
It's just that I used 2 B so very superior...

2020 The Jelly Factory!

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Really mind-boggling song (in a good way). Lots going on and really thought-provoking lyrics. Impressive!

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Very cool! I love your choice of chords here, lots of really nice imagery and detail in the lyrics, the melody is very catchy, and a wonderful vocal performance from the both of you. Excellent work!

For me, there is a familiarity in the feel of the music; the vibe. But its something quite different at the same time.
There's r&b in the vocals and bass, but the choice of instruments and the riffs you play have a totally different vibe. The arrangement paired with this pleasing mix of music styles keeps this listener constantly interested to hear what comes in the next measure/section. The rhymes from marthienel and the music during that section are so well done. The bass throughout is seriously funky and contributes so much to the feel of this.
Awesome job, you two. I had to go back and pay more attention to the lyrics - complex, and make me think. I can find myself in the words, but then I'll feel I can't relate. I like that.

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It's a lovely song. It's got a great feel to it. I'm certain a lot of people can relate to the lyrics.

I've been big in to personal development and growth for most of my life. When it comes to my own mind, I can't clean the stink of poop out if I'm afraid of looking for crap in the dark corners. (But then, for me, getting in to personal development and growth was a survival strategy. I was actively suicidal in 3rd grade. By the time I was in 6th grade, I loathed myself, so I actively set out to change.)

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Wow. I definitely understand the desire to paint oneself as superior, and I love how you've explored it here (especially the reckoning in the last verse, "preacher who never lifts a bible . . . husband who needs 2 believe he's special"). And @marthienel's contributions are a great addition! The mix of musical styles is excellent and makes for a really engaging listen.

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Your voices complement each other well! I like how Craig wrote this with Marthie in mind -- the spoken verses sound like a really good fit.

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Whoa... This was ambitious as hell, but you folks nailed it. The lyrics really take the whole idea of introspection and unpack it to find out what our mental landscape would *really* look like, and then heads off for a stoll through the psyche... That's not a task to be attempted by the faint-hearted, but fortunately you have @marthienel to ground things! The musical treatment is suitably fearless; that bass is totally in control, but what a menagerie of sounds it's marshalling.

And it never gets too po-faced; that droll aside of "I'm superior. You just can't see it" is hilarious. VERY cool collab, folks.

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Firstly...what great vocals! Such an amazingly imaginative and innovative piece...fab collab!

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Superior song, love the psychedelica! Again very original Good you're mixing your influences well!