Axelay - Stage 1 - DJ Kenneth A Remix

Axelay - Stage 1 - DJ Kenneth A Remix

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Liner Notes: 

A quick Dnb remix of the stage 1 theme from Axelay. This was probably my absolute favorite shmup on SNES. It used a lot of cool tricks, and would do some unique things like alternate levels of with one vertical and one side scrolling. Also used the SNES Mode 7 graphics which made for some cool fx at the time. You can still play it with an emulator and I highly recommend it. It still holds up really well. Smile

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Cool game retro skating-rink like organ sounds. I never saw this one but the it feels just like standing at the machine staring at the monitor.

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Now I wanna get an old SNES and play super metroid or something. At least the soundtrack is great. I do like this one a lot.

This is top notch production.
Have not heard original theme, nor have I heard of the game.
Great movement and energy to this which fits with the theme of a game, and definitely this kind of game.
Excellent drum programming and arrangement - the track never gets stale or leaves me waiting for it to be over. Sound selection, as well. LOVE the synths and arps you've chosen.
I always sucked at these types of games...guess I never had good enough reflexes or ability to track SO many things coming at me at once on-screen. But this track feels like it would help in focusing, somehow. I feel good video game music gets you into the action or situation on-screen, more than anything else. And this would do that, I think.

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Thanks! For whatever reason this game really nailed it in the music department. Each level had a song that really fit the theme and wasn’t distracting but was also really memorable with the melodies. There are a lot of really well made game scores now that I’d say even rival some films in terms of complexity etc. (horizon zero dawn and nier automata are two of my favorites for the score alone)