This is not going to work out

This is not going to work out

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Liner Notes: 

There's sticking to something out of fear, out of loyalty, out of delusion.... a million reasons. But sometimes, it's just being lazy.


Now this it’s not going to work out
While I appreciate the effort, let’s be clear what we’re about
Between you and me, there’s nothing to show
And I think we should be realistic about how far this can go

Because there’s only so much time, and once it’s gone you can’t get more
It’s no more fair that you take mine than it would be for me to waste yours

Let’s be adults, I think we can agree
If you’re really being honest, you’re not that into me
I know it’s hard to let go
Of an idea you have, this one’s a dud, but even so

What would you hope to gain from another week or two?
You’re just putting off the work of finding something new

There’s nothing to be gained from delaying more
I’d say that we could still be friends, but we weren’t really friends before
If you let the water flow it will find its own route
You know sometimes everything clicks into place, it makes you want to shout
But they can’t all be winners, and this is not going to work out

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What a catchy guitar part to propel this break-up song forward. The painful reality of the dead relationship goes down smoothly because of the bounce of the track!