#30 Summer

#30 Summer

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Liner Notes: 

The vignette is the last verse.
I love alpacas and their so-soft fleece. I've always been a tactile person. I learned to knit and crochet early from the Swedish, Massachusetts side of the family.
Once we visited an alpaca ranch in northern New Mexico. They had guard llamas to protect the young alpacas from coyotes. The llama we saw was very gentle and ate its food from our hands. The owners told the story of a coyote who got through the fence. The llamas surrounded it, peed on it and probably stomped it. It ran away yelping and never returned.


Summer August 25, 2020 #30
Elizabeth Singleton

Bees buzz near fragrant flowers.
Teals paddle in the pond.
Geese honk to their goslings.
A deer protects her faun.

A llama guards young alpacas.
Eagles soar high above.
Chickens sit on eggs in the hen house.
Pigs lie in the mud.

Hummingbirds seek sweet nectar.
Horses race through green fields.
An owl sleeps watchfully in a tree.
Kids kick and butt with zeal.

Cows graze in grassy meadows,
Crows eat farmers’ corn.
Chickadees flit high in the sky.
The loneliest dove mourns.

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