#29 Cardboard Cory

#29 Cardboard Cory

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Cardboard Cory August 24, 2020 #29
Elizabeth Singleton

Cardboard Cory has come back to life!
To get reelected he’ll go through town hall strife.
What he says when he’s here
Isn’t what he does when he’s there.
After visiting Colorado, he’ll enable Trump’s dystopian lies.

Cory has Trump’s “total support and endorsement.”
He is Trump’s “rock solid” reinforcement.
He voted to get rid of the A C A,
Medicare and Medicaid.
Too bad from Trump Cory never got a divorcement.

Cardboard Cory as a Senator has been absurd.
To constituents he’s broken his word.
It’s time to eject him
And never to reelect him.
Choose wisely on November 3rd..

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