Spanish Horses

Spanish Horses

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Liner Notes: 

While Louise was doing something else, I sat on the stairwell and made this thing up!

Lovely reverb in the stairwell here, so I think I’ll have to use it again and hope I don’t irritate the neighbours who share it!

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Wow! That was all live in a stairwell? Love the flamenco rhythms. The reverb makes it a little hard to tell, are you clapping them? I can see the dancing in my head. Really nice!

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The rhythms are so cool! It's very lively and full of movement. I love how it builds and gets more furious and high energy as the song goes on.

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The role of stairwells in music isn't celebrated enough, even if they've been the location used in many classic recordings - or is that just me being a nerd?

Anyway, I love the ambience you got from this one, and the birdsong (?) at the beginning really adds to the vibe. Definitely a space to record in again!

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I wouldn't think the neighbors wound anything this good! Very cool!