An unusual Life

An unusual Life

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Liner Notes: 

It's the truth


I have a most unusual life
With a most unusual wife
When we first met so long ago
I had no clue to where we’d go

Our life is quiet, some say boring
But loving time we just keep storing
Our voices stay at a low low pitch
Our lives have been so very rich

You say you never heard such stuff
You can’t not fight, it’s just too tough
Well, we have done it every day
And this great life is here to stay

A lucky, lucky man am I
You can do it if you try
Let every word be from the heart
And you will never be apart

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This is so very sweet! You and your wife are lucky to have each other. Thank you for sharing this!

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This is very honest and very touching. We need more songs like this to show how people can live together in love.