Happy New Bassday

Happy New Bassday

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Liner Notes: 

I treated myself to a dirt-cheap bass.

I have been fancying the so-called Telecaster Bass for a while. It's the 50s P Bass but with a single pickup rather than the split one that is much more common. But I couldn't bring myself to pay the going rate, even secondhand.

Then I spotted an advert for the Harley Benton version. 105 GBP including shipping and tax from Germany to the UK! So I read a load of reviews and ended up taking the plunge, figuring I could always sell it on and only take a small hit if it turned out to be crap. But most of the reviews raved about them. The only bad review I saw wasn't really that bad either. The guy did an "opening the box" video, then moaned about poor setup. Sorry, bud. I've played four-figure basses in music shops that were in dire need of a setup. He also complained that they are not a bass for slap players (more on that shortly).

The bass arrived this morning, but I've been in work Zoom meetings all day and only opened the box an hour ago.

Apart from tuning it, this thing is amazing! The fit and finish is flawless. The neck is wide and has a fairly flat radius. And the single pup sounds amazing. No hums or buzz.

This recording is me simply plugging into my normal bass rig and piping in some reverb in Reaper before just letting my fingers move.

And the guy who reckons it's no good for slap? Maybe he should take up reviewing something other than basses. It's a slapper's dream! But that's a recording for another day! The ONLY thing I've done to it is take off the finger rest. Period correct, but I've always hated them. They're always right where I catch my index finger on them when I'm slapping and strumming.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Hooray for new gear! Sounds nice, too. Don't often hear reverb on a bass line (because mud), but it has a rather pleasing effect here. And £105 for something sounding this good is pretty ridiculous.