No Place for Me to Go

No Place for Me to Go

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Liner Notes: 

another wonderfully inspiring lyric from the brilliant cindy prince, we shall be releasing an album of our collaborations shortly on bandcamp.


I feel like I'm walking a tightrope
I feel like I'm going to hit the ground
There isn't anyone there to catch me
And when I land there'll not be a sound

I feel like I'm in a wooden barrel
Going over Niagara Falls
There's nothing there to stop me
There is no one that cares at all

Am I truly invisible?
Or is there nothing of me to show?
I'm disappearing as I write this
There's no place for me to go
No place for me to go

I feel like I'm running through fire
Or in another century I've drowned
There's no sign of me anywhere
Not one piece of me can be found

I feel like this is my destiny
Though I cannot understand why
No one is there to care about me
But now is the time to say goodbye

Repeat chorus

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Wonderful! Somber and gosh I love that chorus. I wasn't even sure where this one came from-but maybe I wrote it especially for you! Just love it!

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This is so haunting. The vocal delivery is just right, it feels like something that'd be in a very good movie about a lonely drifter. Gave me goosebumps, excellent work!
And the harmonica at the end? Wow.

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Bill takes Cindy's delicate and desolate lyric to such a mournful and affecting place in a wonderful performance that captures all of their poignancy...stunning co-write!

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The lyrics are very well served by the music here. The chorus is particularly good, staring on a minor chord is just right. Good work both of you.

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High and lonesome. Your lived-in voice is made for mournful songs like these! Love the "wooden barrel" line.

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Just listened to Gwyn and Cindy's most recent collaboration and it is so different from this one--but that's the magic of Cindy's lyrics, and how the guys interpret them. Great mood-setting here, Bill, and another terrific, heartfelt performance!