Truly Amazing

Truly Amazing

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Liner Notes: 

My rendition of "Truly Amazing" for the Fake It challenge! (which you can read more about here: )

I started with the melody for the line "Your love, your love is truly amazing" and built everything else up from there. I was really happy to get the chance to use a ukulele again, and also that I managed to squeeze in a glockenspiel part at the beginning, since that was one of the instruments I wanted to use this summer, and it felt like it fit well there.

Overall, I really enjoyed working on this! Thanks @metalfoot for a fun challenge!


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Yes!!!! Love the chorus especially. Hooray for the glockenspiel! The background vocal parts on the bridge were delightful. Thanks for playing!

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yes i like the glockenspiel and of course UKE - good song to use these on! happy song!

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Ukulele AND glockenspiel - that's great combination plus your excellent vocals. This is a very fine take on the lyrics.

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The glockenspiel really brings out the the Disney vibe to this, and even though there's just a ukulele playing the backing, the harmony vocals really give this a "big production number" feel that makes this a shoe-in for their next cartoon-to-real-life reissue!

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This is lovely. The glockenspiel adds a really magical feel. Those vocal leaps in the chorus are engaging and add a vibrancy to the song. Bright and bubbly.

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Such a rich melody and the uke playing is perfect. This is wonderful!

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This is a wonderful take on this challenge........yeah the glockenspiel/uke combo really sold it for me as well! perfect fit for this lovely jaunt of a love song. Harmonies in that bridge are a great touch!