Sporks Are For Dorks

Sporks Are For Dorks

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Liner Notes: 

My intentions to write a good meaningful song and work on a collab were thwarted by me procrastinating on social media where I came upon a post by @metalfoot asking people to name two songs by a group 'The Spoons' which I did not recall, so my smart-aleck comment was the title. As it turned out The Spoons never wrote about sporks (a combination of a spoon and a fork) so my brain seized the opportunity to write this in nonet structure (first line nine syllables, then eight, seven.....). My first recollection of sporks was at a Kentucky Fried Chicken when I maybe was eleven so the verses imagine what inspired that and the chorus as the teens reaction.


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Sporks Are For Dorks

Chorus .. vamp throughout
You may have heard sporks are for dorks
Spoons never wrote sporks are for dorks
Yeah thats right sporks are for dorks
I said sporks are for dorks
yeah sporks are for dorks
Sporks are for dorks
I’ll say sporks
are for

Verse 1 .. vamp throughout
Imagining 5th Avenue view
Marketers reaching for whats new
Angles to sell more fast food
Needing more customers
Bored with fries burgers
And teenagers
Hanging out

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
This is a missed opportunity
Lampooning plastic marketing
Clearly is this ad mans dream
Mashup of cutlery
Takeout sour cream
Buttery scheme
Needs a theme
To eat

Repeat chorus

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You are hilariously committed to the concept. Makes me a bit giddy with middle-school raucous energy. Some of the bands I coach at Girls Rock Camp would be all over this.

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love the punky vibe of this and the way the chorus kicks in after the more subdued verses. nice one on doing extra verses and making a "proper" song of it. great take on the challenge

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Nonet to the max ... like the way you bent the form to a punk sound - chorus is great. I had been thinking nonet form would work well as a bridge in a full song, but you go and do a whole song that way.

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Very good work in extending the nonet structure to a full song. The guitar sounds are great. The two voices at one time came as a nice surprise.

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Not just one nonet, but three - and all embedded in a song that sounds just like an off-air tape on a cassette, freshly arrived from the 1980s, that would have been handed to us by an excited friend saying, "you need to listen to this!" How many bands were we oldies all first exposed to that way, eh?

Love that hyper-flanged guitar!

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This is amazing. I think you've found your next band name there, too. Great sound! Like others, I'm feeling weirdly nostalgic for my teenage years right now...

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This is fabulous.
Strongly reminds me of a Daniel Johnston song.
Which is a good thing.
Yeah, everything about this is really great.
As usual, your production is really effective.
Excellent work here.

And ah yes, The Spoons.
I saw them back in my High School gym in I think 1984.
Saw them again this past winter (free tickets).
They can still put on a great show.

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Hilarious, and the structural constraints didn't break your stride for a nanosecond.

Trying to get my head around the key message of the first verse, though... it's quite subtle, but I'm trying not to read between the lines too much. I like that you left it open to interpretation.

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What a great take on the challenge! Very creative verses, and I like the doubled vocals. I actually own a titanium spork, so I know I'm a proud dork!

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This amuses me greatly. Sporks are for dorks!!!

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Whoa, three-for-one! This is simply great. Love the punk attitude and distorted guitars. Verse two has some great lines ("buttery scheme"!). I tip my hat to you.

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How dare you, sir?! Sporks are the only way Kid Splitty would eat his KFC coleslaw!
No, this has charm up the wazoo. Didn't expect the chorus to end up being so catchy. I also like the general aesthetic to your sound here, fuzzy and distant and elsewhere, but somehow warm and inviting.
Love the lyrics and the fact that you nonet'd multiple verses.