#24 Three Limericks

#24 Three Limericks

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Liner Notes: 

These limericks are very direct.


Three Limericks August 21, 2020 #24
Elizabeth Singleton

There once was a fool in the White House
Who lived apart from his curvaceous spouse.
Separated they stayed,
Till she had to parade,
Hand-in-hand with her monied mouse.

He’s a child locked in the brain of a sham
Taught to bully, to lie, to scam.
He dodged the draft
With his father’s graft.
His minor affliction kept him out of the army and Viet Nam.

Whatever Donny wanted he got.
To pay off a bankruptcy, an Ex, or a slut.
Fred intervened
With millions in green.
Donny was Fred’s alter-ego big shot.

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ha ! nicely done-- tho you went over the standard limerick syllable count here and there.. still, when describing him, its hard to stick to the rules!