#22 Sing Me a Season

#22 Sing Me a Season

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Liner Notes: 

The first verse was one of the vignettes. I love this one. It's how things were before the virus, 2016 and 2020. Hopeful. Beauty in the world. Possibility.

In one sense, spring and summer didn't exist for me, since I'm shut-in, except to buy cat food, groceries or other quick trips out. People are dying by the thousands every day, drought and fires burn the West, and we're on the verge of losing our democracy because of a president who won't lead. Will we ever get out of this mess?

But what did I do as a shut-in? I had played in the Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra in Denver. When we got shut-in the RMUO director - my uke/guitar teacher - went online with classes 6 days a week. Gary Jugert saved many lives all over the world doing that. When July 4th came, I switched to composing/writing, maintenance practice daily on guitar and uke, and listening to the news. As soon as these 51 pieces are loaded in, I go back to making music, learning my two favorite instruments, walking daily and sitting under my cats.


Sing Me a Season August 21, 2020 #22
Elizabeth Singleton

Sing me a Spring when snow melts on high
When birds lilt songs and babies cry
When lilacs bloom a scent so sweet
Oh joy, oh joy! Sing me Spring.

Sing me a Summer when balls are strikes,
When kids can swim or hike or bike
When grasses grow and trees are green
Come, oh come. Sing me Summer.

Sing me a Fall the color of leaves,
When sunsets glow and Nature grieves
When days grow short and breezes chill
Stall, oh stall, but sing me Fall.

Sing me a Winter when snow covers the ground
When skis go up to slalom down
When ice is slippery and cold winds sting
Sing me a Winter as I yearn for Spring.

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A very classic structure to this poem-- eminently settable to music.