#21 One August Day, Part 2

#21 One August Day, Part 2

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Liner Notes: 

So many things have changed in five decades. What do you do on your 50th anniversary during a pandemic? You adapt and celebrate.


One August Day, Part 2 August 15-20, 2020 #21
Elizabeth Singleton


Our 50th anniversary came and went
On a smoke-filled Colorado pandemic Saturday.
We bought the books we wanted at B & N,
Hopped in the car, went on our way.

My 72-year-old husband was totally depleted
Having hiked the five days before.
The Colorado Trail, for the 4th time, he had completed,
Hiking the seventy miles he’d trained so thoroughly for.

At Nordy’s we got our BBQ take-out,
Took it all the way home, spread the feast.
We split one 2-meat combo, extra pickles and chips,
In the shade of our mighty shade trees.

He trained so hard. He was totally depleted.
He left it all on the Colorado Trail.

He dropped into bed and slept for hours.
I fed the cats and went on a writing binge.
Endeavoring to complete 50 songs in 90 days
A mind twisting. boggling daily challenge.

He left it all on the Colorado Trail.
rit . . .

I wondered, when shut-in, if we’d live till this date.
We did! So what date is next? I wrote.
November 3rd, Election Day, is the date we chose.
Democracy? Or Dictator? Choose wisely. Vote.

…and always wear a mask.

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