#20 One August Day, Part 1

#20 One August Day, Part 1

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Liner Notes: 

We didn't want a huge wedding, and we didn't want our friends to bring presents. We did want them to bring cameras. I put the invitation on the Music School bulletin board and sent announcements to relatives. The recessional was Handel's Hallelujah Chorus. It was so much fun. I can't remember the vows, but I'm sure we got rid of the "obey" part...And yes, the rhyme scheme doesn't work in the first verse, but it fits the wedding.


One August Day, Part 1 August 15-20, 2020 #20
Elizabeth Singleton


It was fifty years ago today,
The day after I got out of grad school.
My husband-to-be came back from the Army
Just to marry me.

It was a happy “elopement” with parents and friends,
In Florida’s Temple Terrace Community Church.
It was my reaction to being in so many weddings,
And his wedding expense research.

The total cost was five hundred bucks
For dress, flowers, fees and things.
He’d moonlighted already in an Atlanta Woolco,
To pay for the beautiful rings.

My husband-to-be came back from the Army
Just to marry me.

We asked our friends to bring just their cameras
To our once-in-a-lifetime day.
We got informal poses, August heat-wilted roses.
The pictures were an hysterical, historical array.

We honeymooned at Longboat Key,
Then off to Atlanta we drove
Not knowing exactly what the future held
For the two lives we interwove.

Just to marry me.
rit. . .

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