Come On Sing Some Om

Come On Sing Some Om

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Liner Notes: 

a greeting to us all that enjoy making music and dance!


some souls are here
some souls are there
take your soul
to the market square

some souls open
some stay close
some wear pajamas
some pick their nose

so come on come on sing some omm

some souls get bigger
some improvise
those holidays
in the sky

some souls are free
some souls are hot
when there is pot
they teleport

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Ha ... love the "when there is pot" line. This is nice and laid-back ... vocals and guitar are lovely and capture the quiet joy of creating. A collaboration would be interesting. What did you have in mind?

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The song mentions soul and your vocals are full of it! Nice one.

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these are some fresh rhythms in both the guitar and voice. what i like most about this is how you can be so laid back while leading the dance. it must be the combination of om and pot.