#19 Three Limericks

#19 Three Limericks

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Liner Notes: 

Can you imagine the US without a good postal system?
Can you imagine a president who slows down the mail before a mostly mail-in election?
Can you imagine the USPS sending out cards with incorrect mail-in rules?
I especially liked the roll call of states at the Dems convention.


Three Limericks August 16, 2020 #19
Elizabeth Singleton

The Dem’s convention starts tomorrow night,
With speeches and interviews that unite.
They must give their archfoe
A political death blow,
And for our country we will all have to fight.

So, get the ballots out, get the ballots out, and return them right away,
Biden has to win, he has to win or we’ll have a dictator the rest of our days.

Trump is a sabotaging traitor,
He’s our chief mail-in ballot delayer.
He hired DeJoy, his donor boy,
The Post Office, to destroy.
So far he’s gutted overtime, 24 admin and 500 sorting conveyors.

Illegitimate is the name of Trump’s game,
Saying everyone else is to blame.
Pure vomit, he spews.
Somehow he must lose,
Will the U.S. burn down aflame?

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