The Man with the Green Bullet Head

The Man with the Green Bullet Head

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Liner Notes: 

A contractor came to speak to us about some work that needed to be done. This stuff bores me to tears, so I started jotting down these lyrics as he spoke. (I'm sure he thought I was taking notes on flooring, etc!) He was bald - hence the bullet head reference.


He wears an orange as a hat
and it drips juice on that
green bullet head
that green bullet head

of sparkling champagne glasses
cover gold medallion eyes
with gold lids so bright

A surfer rides on a wave of his hair
it's wavy and blue like the ocean out there
his luminescent silver skin
shines like the finest tin machine

Yellow sunflower feet
and a shoulder that speaks its mind
about the red fire hands
that straighten the papaya pants

His ears of corn
hear the cry of the storm
his cucumber nose
glows ... green

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Love the backstory. I'm enjoying the achingly sensitive delivery of the surreal lyrics. Pretty guitar too!

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Lovely tuning, psychedelic to the bone, has a tommy waits feeling but also much more. Let's do one together if you feel like it!

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i like this porrtrait of a bald man wth wavy hair. also the literal ears of corn. this is truly a vegetable man dripping fruit juice. you always find something new to do with a guitar.

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You know I like it when you get out that nylon-stringed guitar! Sounds great as usual, mesmerizing really. I love all the vivid colors in the description of the man. I try to take it all seriously, literally. What would it mean for the shoulders to speak their mind about the hands that straighten the pants? I can visualize that

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The lyrics are absolutely psychedelic, and the guitar is soothing and dreamy. Reminds me a bit of Television. Really nice!