October Best

October Best

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I can never make up if I like spring or fall best, but I do love October. Needs music and vocals.


October Best
© 2020 Cindy Prince

There's sweaters brought out of storage
Big mugs perfect for cider
Leaves of red, orange, and gold
And watching garden spiders

There's hot cocoa with whipped cream
Hay rides on chilly nights
Scarecrows and ghosts on some lawns
Crisp apples that you can bite

Cool mornings on my porch swing
Warm quilts from Grandma's chest
Of all the months throughout the year
I think I love October best

The crunch of leaves
Beneath my feet
This is one of October's treats

There's corn mazes to get lost in
Pumpkins to make into Jacks
Scary dressed up kids on the street
Wearing vampire teeth of wax

The brilliant blue of an October sky
Piles of leaves kids jump into
Morning frost that makes the world white
Little children yelling boo

Repeat chorus

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There you go Cindy...painting those vivid word pictures again...marvelous!