#16 Feast or Famine

#16 Feast or Famine

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Liner Notes: 

Another vignette.


Feast or Famine August 11-14, 2020 #16
Elizabeth Singleton


I’m a feast or famine writer.
Too much or never enough.
That’s how I write my poems.
Words must be true, never a bluff.

There’s nothing better than a poem
A personal word foray
Write it down. Say it aloud.
Create a fragrant word bouquet.

So many words that must be true
A personal foray, a fragrant bouquet.

We’re always being judged
For what we do or what we say.
Don’t listen to that voice inside your head.
Your gray matter can make you gray.

A personal foray, a fragrant bouquet.

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"words must be true, never a bluff" -- good for you, although a little imaginative and creative writing can be a good exercise too! I like the foray/bouquet rhyming pair a lot.