#15 Prolific in the Morning

#15 Prolific in the Morning

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Liner Notes: 

My uke teacher suggested that I write out a series of vignettes. He said sometimes they turn into poems. I wrote out 2 pages. This is one of them.


Prolific in the Morning August 11-14, 2020 #15
Elizabeth Singleton

I’m prolific in the morning
Waking up but still asleep.
Amazing words will show up.
Write them down. They’re yours to keep.

Write them on paper where they’ll live,
Live forever, ever more.
No one will ever hear them.
Or over them, will ever pore.

Listen up you people
It’s time to crack this book.
Time to read and get these words,
Then give them a second look.

Forever more they’re written.
Forever in this book.

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I like the use of the sonnet form (or at least a variant on it) in this poem. And great advice. Write it all down!