The Artless Artist

The Artless Artist

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The Artless Artist (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

Another one I wrote quickly as a bit of a chore because I'm sick of songwriting tbh, and another time I surprised myself. Definitely needs some editing, but I like the basics of it a lot!


I think about friends just like I did when I was 5
Everybody has a story and something to teach me
And could end up being my best friend for life
But I've been fooled by so-called friends time and time again
With compliments and invitations to pretend they liked me
But they were just using me till they found somebody better
Whenever I'm with a friend and we meet a stranger
Somehow by the night's end, they've become fast friends
They start keeping in touch every day
While the stranger soon forgets my name

And the artless artist fell short again
Ruining a perfectly good shot
They shook her hand and quickly forgot
Can an artless artist ever find success?

I've been invited to cool parties once or twice
Introduced to cool people who I want to like me
But my mouth cramps up lest I show too much excitement
And everybody says they hate all that's insincere
Yet the way that they choose to get ahead is to pretend that they're everyone's best friend
Always asking for details they never want to hear
But me, I can't pretend when I'm not interested
I don't have a fake smile or a cool new way to say goodbye
I just awkwardly walk away, and every time I just say

The artless artist fell short again
Ruining a perfectly good shot
They shook her hand and quickly forgot
Can an artless artist ever find success?

And I am constitutionally incapable of telling lies
So I let my cards fall all over the table
Because I've learned over time
That if you never speak, people will assume you've got nothing to say
And without meaning to be cruel, they'll take the microphone away
So make sure you sing before it's too late

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A sad song about that ever-so-familiar feeling of not fitting in. The stories told are painful and oh, so true to life. I can relate. Oh, *how* I can relate (although even worse than staying dumb is speaking up and then regretting it for the rest of your life....) The idea of an artless artist is a great hook, too.

This is a perfect introvert song about extraversion. And I say this as a life-long introvert (who happens to be reading Jung's "Psychological Types" at the moment, because I am also a nerd.) And as an introvert I applaud that last line of the last verse, because it's pretty much the best advice I've heard for folks like me; so make sure you sing before it's too late!

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Funny how you get sick of songwriting but it drags you back in again and again...

This song is eminently relatable. I live this song...

"The artless artist" is a SPLENDID lyrical hook.

Perfect last line of the last verse.

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Catchy title phrase. I like the lower register melody in this. I can relate to the lyric is several ways. I've been to folk festivals and such musical gatherings introduced (by a friend or even just talking to) to another musician on a higher level than me and got that 'looking over your shoulder to see who I should be networking with instead of you' feeling. Also yeah on the awkwardness of meeting a lot of people at once that I don't know and usually staying pretty quiet. Then I've had similar networking experiences in the engineering and even art world too so maybe its a people thing and a good way to find out who my friends really are.