Under Attack (nonet)

Under Attack (nonet)

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Liner Notes: 

This was a fast write in the 'nonet' challenge, where you write a lyric in which the first line has nine syllables, the second has eight, the third has seven.. all the way down to the last line that has one.

Obviously, politics are on my mind, with the upcoming November US election, so this kind of wrote itself.

Recorded live - resonator guitar tuned to open G, played with a slide, and harmonica (on the rack, for once) all live into music memos on my iphone (which adds some drums) and then over to audacity for a little eq and such.


Democracy is under attack
We are quite serious this time
You think it can’t happen here
Read your history books
All the fascist signs
Check the boxes
Don’t ignore

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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This benefits from the short line lengths.
Gives it a sense of urgency,
one that only increases.
And what a call to arms!
The signs are all there,
so let's do this.
Vote him out!
Great job,

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love that bluesy guitar, drum and harmonica jug band style. song reminds me of the phll ochs line, "they'll coach you in the classroom that it cannot happen here But it has happened here"

Roddy's picture

Good blues sound. I like that the final word is 'vote'. Very clear message. The harmonica sounds great.

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nice one. this works so well in that form. the Vote at the end is a good strong and loaded last syllable. good one Mike!

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Ah yes. Perfect and very pointed, and really packs a punch.

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Very nicely done. A serious message, delivered in a way that will go in and stick, finishing off with a call to action. Great blues. I would never have thought this was recorded on a phone if you hadn't said so in the liner notes. That phone's a pretty good drummer!

And full marks too to @Stephen Wordsmith, who I see is now *commenting* in nonet form.

metalfoot's picture

Great groove to the music and a strong message. Good work, Mike.

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Love the guitar on this. As has been said pretty much everywhere on this nonet challenge the form is really good an forcing you to drill down to your main point, as you have done here.

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This has me moving and grooving and nodding my head along, both to the swinging rhythm and to the strong message! Gotta love that harmonica, too. Great work!

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Yup. Quite catchy, with a rousing mix of folk and blues. A classic call to action tune.

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What concerns me most as an onlooker who will be collateral damage whatever is that neither side seems now tolerate the other winning. And I guess I'm influenced by the unaccountable government in Melbourne here, which has imposed the greatest loss of freedom in Australia, ever. And probably destroyed most of the State's economy in the process. Technically, this song is a great little piece!