#13 Apology

#13 Apology

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Liner Notes: 

This one was never rewritten. The apology was accepted though.


Apology, August 7, 2020, #13, Elizabeth Singleton


I missed guitar class online last night.
I’d been watching the world destruct on TV,
Pandemic and reelection lies, NRA frauds and presidential bribes,
And I forgot “Remember Me.”

I apologize for missing. There’s really no excuse.
I’ve put notes everywhere to be there next week.
Please send our next tune, one my voice will never ruin.
These advanced pieces help me develop a flawless technique.

So thanks for “Remember Me.”

It’s my all-time favorite piece
Of chord-melody music.

It’s my all-time favorite piece
Of guitar music.

It’s my all- time fav o rite piece.

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