#9 Dreams

#9 Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

This piece was started on July 4 and completed for the third time on July 29, 2020.

I took Hotel California’s chord cycle, transposed the chords down a major second, used one chord per measure, deleted one beat per measure to 3/4 time, slowed the tempo, and created a lullaby, then changed the title to Dreams. The idea was to have something totally different than Hotel CA. After several tries, the melody was simplified mostly to notes that matched two chords in a row followed by a chordal variation of that melody. The melody sits at the top of my range unfortunately. It’s intended to be sung choral style with no vibrato by a good soprano. I had no words.

My husband got up at 3:45 am one morning to go hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. I couldn’t fall back to sleep and tried yoga tense/release exercises to release tension I didn’t know I had. As I drifted off, words showed up. I grabbed the steno pad and pencil and wrote in the dark as best I could. I woke up at 7:40am and translated the scribbles into strange words that fit the melody I’d already written. The chorus melody showed up after my husband’s next early hike, 3am this time.

The words are unique. What do they mean? They happened when I was on the edge of sleep. They would have disappeared forever if I had not written them down immediately. Only then was I able to sleep. My brain does interesting things when I sleep, from solving algebra problems in high school to writing poems that usually show up in the morning. I stay open to noticing.

It is specifically written for Low G ukulele and voice and is continually tweaked. I can almost play and sing it. This is the first real ukulele piece I've written. It is filled with barre chords.

The end is basically about falling asleep.


July 4-29, 2020, #9
Elizabeth Singleton
3/4, in a slow one
A Minor, 8 repeating chords
Low G Ukulele and voice


Am E G D F C Dm E [Chordal]
Am E G D F C Dm E [Arpeggios]

Am Am

Am E G D
Drift and float on airless air
F C Dm E
High above a careless care.
Am E G D
Rise and fall in windless wind
F C Dm E
To an endless, endless, endless end.

Am Am

F C E Am F C Dm E [Chordal]

F C E Am
Softly fall the waters raining down on me.
F C Dm E
Cool and clear the mist that lies beneath the sea.

Am E G D F C Dm E7 D C B [Arpeggios,Fermata on E7, plucked D C B]

Am Am A Harmonics A E C A

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I like the idea to this one and can somewhat hear it in my head-- would be lovely if you could post a recording!