#2 Limerick of the Day

#2 Limerick of the Day

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Liner Notes: 

All my limericks are political, and sometimes urgent. I began writing them after the Helsinki Summit's news conference.
They are set to an abridged version of 'Three Blind Mice,' but the melody can easily be rewritten.
After I had written about 7 of these historically based limericks, I got bored. That's when I added the tune and choruses.
If you're of a different political persuasion just skip these.


Limerick of the Day July 7, 2020 #2
Elizabeth Singleton

A E7 A
Trump was finally impeached by the House,
A E7 A
But the Senate didn’t convict our Louse.
A E7
He said he was cleared,
A E7
But his reputation is forever smeared.
A E7 A
Out of the White House the Louse will be *roused.

So, get out the vote and get out the vote and get out the vote for sure,
He’s a lyin’, cheatin’, unindicted (Russian) co-conspirator.

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Limericks are a fun way of writing-- and using them for political purposes is a classic use.