Back When We Were Magic

Back When We Were Magic

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Liner Notes: 

Had a memory of trying to walk on the sidewalk and not step on a crack and this idea came. Needs music and vocals.


Back When We Were Magic
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I've heard do not walk under a ladder
I've heard don't step on a crack
I've heard all sorts of superstitions
But not one about taking you back

I've heard about a rabbit's foot
And a horseshoe above a door
But I keep asking myself
If things will be like they were before

Back when we were magic
Back when we loved with ease
Back when we stayed connected
Can you answer me please?

I've heard about not breaking a mirror
And being wary of the number 13
I'm getting signs from you now
But I want to know what they mean

I've heard of gold at the end of a rainbow
And all about knocking on wood
Now comes the time for choices
I pray all my luck will be good

Repeat chorus

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